Monday, January 21, 2013

TIVAManager is under rebuilding...

We are working hard to make TIVAManager more useful and more comfortable. We added to the app TCI (Target Controlled Infusion) algoritm, that you can use with manual mode together. None of the existing apps or devices does not allow so easy to work with IV anesthetics. 

Here is a list of changes in the app:
1) we resconstructed user interface (UI)
2) navigation screen now always before your eyes
3) it's more comfortable to scroll dose's panel
4) UI is fastest ever before

Currently, the program tests on iOS devices. Soon, all the changes will be migrated to the program for Android. 
We have temporarily stopped supporting for Android tablets to improve the quality of the product. Support for Android tablets will back in 2013.
Make your old infusion pump the most modern...

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